10 Tips To Survive Halloween When Trying To Lose Weight

Halloween is a special time of the year. It’s really exciting and fun. Here are some tips to help you and your family both enjoy the fun as well wake up on the 1st of November feeling good about yourself and more importantly, without a sugar hangover…

  1. When you go shopping for the treats, look for non-food treats instead! Choose crayons, cards or even hand out money. Pack your house with fresh fruit instead, especially bananas and small raisin boxes. This way you and your children will not be tempted to eat the candy or other “treats”, you will have healthier alternatives handy instead. When you don’t have “treats” around your home, you won’t be tempted to eat them when you feel most vulnerable. You will only have healthy alternatives to choose from.
  2. Eat a healthy satisfying Halloween celebration meal with your children before you go trick or treating. When we are hungry, it’s impossible to resist candy. So make sure you all eat well. The best foods to eat are foods rich in both soluble and insoluble fiber. These dishes make you feel satisfied and full for a long period and include whole grains with lentils or beans. You can say that it’s a special witch stew that will give them special powers. Add some pumpkin to make it perfect.
  3. Give your children small boxes or small bags to go trick or treating. In this way they can only keep what they really like, and the rest will be traded or given away.
  4. Plan ahead. Make a plan with your children that no matter how many treats they collect, they will only eat their three favorite ones. Explain that this way they will have healthy teeth and a healthy body. They can come home and pour out their bags and choose. This will also add excitement of what to choose. As for the rest of the treats, they can put them in the trash themselves. This will teach them an important lesson for life of how to place boundaries for themselves.
  5. Go with your kids trick or treating. This way you will be getting off the couch and doing some exercise.
  6. Drink before leaving the house. When we are dehydrated we tend to go in search of calorie rich foods and find them harder to resist.
  7. When you are at home, keep your hands and mouth busy by sipping a hot natural tea (no sugar or artificial sweeteners which will open your appetite and your sweet tooth). This will give you the feeling of satiety as well as keeping your mouth too busy to eat.
  8. If you stay at home and you really feel like a treat, make home-made popcorn with non GM corn and a little coconut oil. This is tasty and will keep your mouth busy with a healthier alternatives to candy.
  9. If you haven’t taken up any of the previous tips and you have candy lying around the house, then create a rule that for every candy you eat, you must eat a vegetable stick, or a nut (natural, not sugarcoated of course) immediately after. This way you will be confusing your taste buds as well as adding important nutrients to your diet as well.
  10. After Halloween tip: Do not go to the candy aisles at least a week after halloween to avoid being tempted by the cheap candy sales. Remember that even if the candy is very cheap, these treats are very expensive for your health!

When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, May luck be yours on Halloween!

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