The 3 Keys To Lasting Weight Loss

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You have come to the right place not only to lose weight for good but also to achieve optimal health, just as hundreds of our clients have done.

This is the real deal and the only way to lose weight for good with the least amount of suffering based on science.

My name is Galit Goldfarb; I am a clinical nutritionist and medical scientist who cares! With 22 years of experience and three university degrees in the health field as well as personal experience with many health and weight issues (I am a cancer survivor, and have personally lost 66 lbs of excess weight which I have never regained), I know how food and lifestyle choices affect every aspect of our being.

My mission is to Heal The World by increasing peoples level of understanding about health and proper nutrition and the effects it has on our lives, our children’s’ longevity and on the world at large while providing competent support and help in changing non-beneficial eating habits.

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There is also plenty of free knowledge on my blog which is all based on my research into the ideal diet for humans.

All of the information you get is based on reliable scientific findings, not only from nutritional, food and medical sciences but all of the sciences combined. You’re really going to love it and benefit massively!

Being overweight is not natural, and once you follow the ideal food choices and habits, weight loss and optimal health will come automatically.

Watch the webinar below; there is a replay available for viewing right now:


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