4 Simple Tips To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle On A Time Budget

4 Simple Tips To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle On A Time Budget

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Healthy food preparation takes time and eating real meals seems to have become a thing of the past due to our fast paced lives. People seem to be skipping breakfast because they need to leave home early to avoid traffic. They skip lunch when they then need to finish a job on time, and they skip dinner when the children leave the house and there is no longer enough people to cook a meal for it to be worth the effort. But is there a way that healthy meals be made quickly?

Top Tricks to Spend Less Time In The Kitchen While Still Maintaining a Healthy Diet

1. Cook in quantity!

This might sound a little extreme but actually it’s one of the very best ways to spend less time cooking.

When you cook a large stew, you can consume what you like of it and then freeze or cool the remainders in separate portions within separate bags or boxes (remember Bisphenol A Free of course) and then eat them throughout the week.

This way you only cook once a week but you may eat the healthy nutritious meal on several evenings by simply reheating the separate portions!

By reheating something you made during a free Sunday will actually be just as easy as cooking a microwave meal.

In order to add variety to your meals and make them more interesting throughout the week, I recommend cooking and freezing different types of grains and then freezing them in separate bags in portions for use on different days of the week. For example, cook plain Indian rice, brown rice, buckwheat and quinoa all on the same day and freeze them for use on different days. When serving the grains, accompany them with a protein rich lentil or bean based stew.

To serve them all you need to do is reheat them together in one single pot and enjoy.

You could make a cooking day even only once a fortnight using this method and the night before the cooking day you could soak all of your legumes and grains to cut cooking times dramatically.

2. Use The Right Tools To Help You Do Things Fast

Today there are so many tools that can help you reduce most preparation times. Look for food processors, steamers, electrical rice cookers, pressure cookers and other gadgets that will help you to chop, peel, dice, mash, cook, soak your food in less time. These devices can save you hours in the kitchen! And the best part is that most kitchen tools are a very small investment of money but provide a great return on time.

I love to use a salad chopper. In under a minute I have a freshly chopped salad. I just rinse and add cucumbers, onions and peppers into the salad chopper and give them three to four spins, and the salad is ready. Later I just add some chopped tomatoes, a squeeze of lemon and a tablespoon of tahini (Whole grain sesame spread) and I’m set to go.

3. Implement Systems

Along with your new tools, think about how can you arrange your kitchen to ensure you don’t spend ages rummaging around?

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For example, keep all the appliances and tools you use most often in the nearest cupboard to the stove at the front of the kitchen will save you time immediately. Likewise, having a larger drying rack will make sure you can wash up quicker and easier. Or have a dishwasher which will save time and water costs. I know this may seem like quite obvious advice but its more often not implemented.

Also, cleaning up as you go might sound like boring advice your parents used to give you – but it can really work!

Everyone works differently and everyone gets slowed down by different aspects of the cooking process. So take a look at your own routines and try to identify the parts that are slowing you down. Now decide how you’ll fix these time drains with new systems and appliances.

4. Think Outside the Box

We are greatly limited by our own routines, culture and expectations when it comes to what we eat.

For example, when you’re struggling to come up with a dinner you can make quickly and easily that will provide lots of nutrition, you might rule out the option of having a sandwich.

But if you heat a healthy wholegrain pita bread and serve it with a plate of heated humous and some vegetable sticks, you have  a great, easy to make, nutritious meal.


Think of what’s practical, tasty and healthy. Think outside the box a little!

5. Keep the Right Ingredients Handy

Sometimes you’ll be limited by what you can prepare because you don’t have the right ingredients handy.

So to avoid cheating yourself to poor meals on those days where you can’t squeeze in the trip to your local supermarket, make sure you have lots of items stored at home for those rainy days.

Keep some tomato paste in the cupboards, along with long-life almond/soy/rice or oat milk. Keep nuts and grains handy as well as different types of frozen cooked beans and lentils.


For plenty of healthy ideas, check out my blog on keeping a healthy pantry HERE.

When you have the basics handy, they can be combined in a surprising number of healthy ways to make some great and fast dishes.

6. Learn Some Simple, Healthy Meals

Another tip is to learn some simple and easy recipes that you can fall back on. Have a few fall back meals that you can rely on and that will help you get the maximum benefit with minimum time investment. For example, you could make pancakes with ground nuts and flax seeds which is a great and satisfying quick-to-prepare meal to fall back on just as pasta with tomato and pea sauce can also do the trick.

Check out my free healthy recipes HERE, or order my “Step By Step Guide To Lose Weight In A Month The Guerrilla Diet Way” HERE

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7. Time and Energy Management

In order to make big healthy meals in the evening, you need to have the time available, but what’s even more important is to have the energy available as well. Even with all the time in the world, if you feel exhausted by that time of day, then you’re just going to want to rest in the evening, and might find yourself tempted to eat unhealthy snacks for a quick pick-me-up instead!

Begin by making small, manageable changes to your routine that will slowly help you to improve your energy levels and your overall wellbeing.

Take a hard look at your lifestyle and your routine. It may well be that you have a lot of energy draining activities that make you feel very tired or stressed and leave you no energy to care for your own needs.

If, for example, you have an hour long commute home to and from work, and this places a lot of stress on you, then this is something you should strongly consider changing. And if you have too many social commitments, try to learn to say “no” a little more.


Remember that every choice you make has its consequences on your life, and if you want to lead a happy life, your health must form your priority.

Prioritizing your health is the best strategy for success in any and all other aspects of life! I hope that these methods will make it easier to maintain a healthy life on a time budget.

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