We have two types of consultation options:

1. A private consultation

2. Asking a question via email

1. Book A Private Consultation With Me

With the 3 details I request from you below I know exactly what changes you need to help you overcome your health and weight obstacles. I will focus the call especially to help you take your health and life to the next level through specific personalized advice based on your current health situation.

Imagine What You Could Accomplish When You Receive Personalized Advice From An Expert Health & Nutrition Consultant...


Please send me your recent blood test results,  a 3 day menu of all the foods and beverages you consumed to the email: support@theguerrilladiet.com with the subject line stating pre consult requirements and your full name. Please also fill out the short questionnaire below before you book the call. This will help me help you focus on exactly you need to do to transform your health and weight condition.

Pre-Consult QuestionnaireFill Out The Pre-Consultation Questionnaire HERE

I Want To Help You...

Private Consultation With Galit Goldfarb

Sending a question to Dr. Goldfarb on a specific topic:

It is possible to ask a question on a particular topic, via email, for a $100 fee.

Recommended topics for questions:

  • Should you take medication for a specific condition
  • Questions regarding blood test results and supplements you can take
  • Any specific difficulty you are going through and need health support,
  • Supplement quantities and for how long you should take them
  • Focused consulting regarding a particular health issue

Necessary details:

  • Any medical data,
  • Recent blood test results
  • Fill in the short questionnaire iun the link below. Please be sure to express your question in a focused and clear way.After paying for your question in the link below, please send your question to the email below and wait 72 hours for an answer.

    * Questions addressed to Dr. Goldfarb, which will not be possible to answer in writing, will not be charged and will be directed as needed to schedule a personal meeting or a menu plan, or we will refund your money.

Short QuestionnaireFill Out My Shortened Pre-Consultation Questionnaire HERE

Email details:

Please send the question by email to: support@theguerrilladiet.com with the subject line:

" My question for private consultation," 

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