Common Hiding Places for Toxins Affecting Your Health and How To Avoid Their Devastating Effects

Do you regularly suffer from unexplainable —

  • Itchy, watery, or burning eyes?
  • Skin rashes or sweating?
  • Itchy or runny nose?
  • Throat irritation or coughing?
  • Inner ear irritation?
  • Blurred vision?
  • Muscle aches?
  • Stomach aches or diarrhea?
  • Nausea?
  • Headaches?
  • Dizziness?
  • Chills?
  • Fatigue?
  • Weight issues?

These are probably signs that you are exposed to some environmental toxin/s from your immediate environment.

Do you know what is impacting your health and life, quietly, yet persistently?

We have come very far as a species and are still innovating and developing. This is a great time to be alive, and enjoy all the benefits of this advancement, but only if you are in the know. Otherwise, the innovations may come to haunt you harming your health, and affecting every aspect of your life.

Topics Covered in This Book:

Toxins in the Air

1. Air Pollution

2. Cigarettes

3. E-cigarettes

4. Radiation

5. Greenhouse gas emissions


Toxins in the Soil

6. Soil Contamination

7. Pesticides

8. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

9. Heavy Metals

Toxins in Food & Cooking

10. Food Additives

11. Endotoxins

12. Fast Food

13. Cooking Utensils & Cookware

14. Microwaves

15. Air Fryers


39. Toxins At Work


40. Smartphones

Toxins in Hygiene Products

16. Shampoo & Conditioner

17. Hair Color

18. Makeup, Perfume & Beauty Products

19. Tooth Paste (fluoride) & Tooth Brushes

20. Fluoride

21. Period Pads & Tampons

22. Deodorants and Antiperspirants

23. Sunscreen

Toxins in Apparel

24. Clothing & Fabrics

25. Dry Cleaning

26. Plastics

Toxins In The body

27. Amalgam Dental Fillings

28. Botox

29. Breast Implants

30. Gel Nail Polish

31. Hyaluronic Acid

Toxins in Pharmaceuticals

32. Medications

33. Birth Control

34. Vaccines


Toxins In The Home

35. Mold

36. House Dust Mite

37. Cleaning Materials

38. Home Environment

Toxins are Everywhere! But you can prevent their harmful effects on your health!

This book came about when I wanted to understand the circumstances that led me to suffer twice from different cancers in two years.

I understood that my diet was an important factor, but diet and nutrition were not the only factors. Stress was another; however, an even more silent culprit was standing in the background, and I was unaware of it.

It is not one thing but several things that surround us every day, everywhere we go. These are environmental toxins. Although many of these compounds have allowed the development of our species towards a simpler, easier life, this convenience comes with a price tag.


The path is now in your hands. 

Although plastic containers, plastic bags, disposable cutlery, dental floss, cheap apparel, hygiene products, makeup, furniture, children’s toys, automobile parts, paints, and other house-building materials, to name just a few, have made our lives so much easier, they have a tremendous toll on human health and our planet’s health.

These often toxic compounds disrupt the biochemical processes in our body, leading to disease, infertility, faster aging, and mortality.

But since these compounds are everywhere, we have become so accustomed to them being a part of our lives. We have also become accustomed to hearing how people around us get sick, suffer and die well before their time.

There are better ways, and here you will learn about them!

To get us out of this downward spiral, we need to learn about these compounds, where we encounter them, what is not suitable for our exposure even if it has a convenience appeal, and what we can do instead to reduce this toxic load from our lives. We want to do all of this yet still not give up convenience altogether while making our bodies healthier, our brains function better, and our lives much happier.

Understanding must come first before you should make any change. 

This book does not recommend you reject all modern conveniences altogether. Instead, it shows you a better, often different way to achieve the same results without the side effects of the cheap, toxic chemicals found everywhere.

Discover the ultimate guide to uncovering hidden toxins that could be affecting your health in my book EVERYWHERE — Common Hiding Places for Toxins Affecting Your Health and How To Avoid Their Devastating Effects. Arm yourself with the knowledge to identify those unexplainable issues and take control of your well-being. Keep this essential book within reach for the right expert advice when you need it most. 

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