How To Keep Yourself Motivated For Weight Loss Without Losing Your Mind

Motivational Tips & Actions for Weight Loss 

I know that it is so easy to start a new diet or healthy lifestyle change but our desire to stick with it can fluctuate so quickly. I have seen this with my hundreds of clients and through my own personal experience. We are motivated and willing to do anything to change in the beginning, but only very few of us complete the process and reach our goals.

Below are 5 Tips to Help Keep You On The Right Track

  1. Focus – Focus on the big end picture. Focusing on the bigger picture is an imperative step to get you there. Write out your big end goal: this may be to lose 50 or to change your eating habits to healthy ones, etc. Then write out your goal on a post-it note in present tense (as if you have already achieved it – “I weigh…” and place your post-it note in a place where you can see it each and every day. Your bathroom mirror is one good place, next to you bed or on you computer is another good place.

Meditate and visualize you having already accomplished your goal at least twice daily.

  1. Baby Steps – From the sheer fright of looking at where you stand today and where you desire to be, you may want to give up before you even start. The change may seem too overwhelming. Therefore, to succeed in the long term, we must put things into perspective and start by making a plan for the smaller steps that will get us towards our goal more easily. Make a daily plan of how you will plan to reach your goal. For example, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays can be your walk days, Tuesdays and Thursdays can be healthy cooking days for the week. And on Mondays and Fridays, you can go shopping at your local farmers market or health food shop to ensure you have a good supply of healthy food options available.

The key to losing weight and keeping it off is to take small positive steps each day and to always move ahead on a consistent basis, even if you do it in small increments.

3. Commit – Now that you are serious this time around announce to your friends, family, and co-workers that you are making some lifestyle changes. Saying these words out loud can really help keep you going, it’s a form of commitment, it is just like making a promise to a friend. Instead, you promise yourself that this time you are really serious and will make the effort it takes.

4. Adjust Your Feelings – Each day you always want to feel good about yourself, so don’t just consider your size. Your current weight should not be your focus. Instead, focus on one thing each day that you like about yourself. This might be your hair, the color of your eyes or something that you do that other people appreciate about you. Twice daily, upon awakening and before going to sleep at night, show gratitude for having these qualities that make you feel good about yourself. Do it with feeling and passion. The more you feel excited, the more things that will make you feel good about yourself will expand in your life.

5. Personal Development – Be honest with yourself and take the time to discover why you overeat, you didn’t put on the weight for no reason. This is a huge part of your motivation for losing weight. When you fully understand the emotional or physical cause of your problem you can take appropriate steps to deal with it. Remember the cause of losing weight is different from the symptoms – which is overeating the wrong foods. Causes of weight gain are normally related to emotional factors such as Stress, Unhappiness, Being Bored, Feeling Rejected, Feeling Unworthy. Find out which ones you relate to and work on improving them.

Here are 10 Simple Actionable Weight Loss Tips That You Can Start With:

Your best course of action is to start with small activities that you can do every day. Here are a few choices below. Pick one or two that you feel comfortable with and add more as you achieve your goals.

1.Drink more water every day; aim for two glasses of water when you wake up, one glass before each meal and one when before each time you snack, and one glass of water before sleep (this habit has been shown to reduce risk of suffering from a heart attack for those prone to the disease).

2.Aim to eat two fresh fruits per day.

3.Include a raw vegetable or salad with your lunch and dinner.

4. Eat whole grains. Remove simple carbohydrates from your menu.

5.Walk: Start by setting a minimal goal of 1000 steps each time (this is about 1.5 Km or 0.6 Miles). Take the dog for a walk or walk with your kids.

6.Reduce sugary drinks from your menu.

7. Eat breakfast each day to start the day out well and eat a small snack after dinner before bedtime to ensure you sleep well at night.

• • • •

Whatever you choose to change you want to make it achievable, and don’t forget that it is okay to slip up. If you miss your daily exercise or eat a treat, don’t fret about it. Instead, enjoy it and get back on track afterwards or the following day, don’t use it as an excuse to stop your efforts all together.

The most important thing is to persist, no matter what the circumstance and no matter whether you feel like it or not. Remember why you chose to start with this process in the first place. Remember what you were feeling about yourself.

And once you have met your goal, even a small goal, celebrate it (but not with unhealthy foods). Write down in your journal that you made better food choices or that you had 4 veggies or went for an extra walk. Be proud of any and all small steps that you took and share your success with your family.

Wishing you all the best!

Galit Goldfarb

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