The Ideal Diet For Humans

Nourish Your Body for Optimal Health, Peak Performance, & Longevity: A Science-Based Guide to Human Nutritional Needs

Discover the Ideal Diet for Humans in this Powerful Book That Will Bring Clarity in Your Nutrition Journey: Empower Yourself with Insights on What, When, and How to Eat For Longevity and Health

Unlock the Power of Food: Fuel Your Health and Embrace Vibrant Living for a Lifetime! At the very core of our well-being lies a fundamental truth: food serves as the bedrock upon which our health is built. The choices we make in fueling our bodies have a profound impact, shaping the very essence of our cells, tissues, and organs. It is through food that we either embrace a life of vitality and thrive well into old age or unknowingly subject ourselves to a gradual decline, allowing our inner vitality to fade away. 

I want to spare you the suffering I went through and guide you through the ideal diet for humans and how to follow it in your life so that it will bring you the health and vitality you deserve!

Begin Your Journey To Optimal Health by Embracing The Power Of The Ideal Diet For Humans

With each bite we take, we embark on a journey that can either nourish us or deplete us. The power rests in our hands, as the foods we choose possess the remarkable ability to either fortify our bodies or silently erode our vitality over time.

Embrace this empowering truth: you hold the key to unlock the immense potential within you. By consciously selecting the nourishment that supports your health, you can awaken a life of boundless energy, radiance, and well-being.

Topics Covered in This Book:

1. What is The Ideal Diet For Humans 

2. A Whole Food Plant Based

3. Veganism

4. Your Microbiome

5. Organic Food

6. Ketogenic Diet

7. Paleo Diet

8. How To Really Lose Weight

9. How To Gain Weight When Necessary

10. For Athletes - Special Needs

11. Pregnancy - Special Needs

12. Breastfeeding - Special Needs

13. Menopause - Special needs

14. Aging - Special Needs For People Over 70

15. Detoxification

16. Intermittent Fasting


17. Food Combining For Health

18. The Truth About Wheat

19. Best Sugar Replacements

20. Ideal Protein Intake

21. Ideal Salt Intake

22. Ideal Hydration


23. Ideal Fiber Intake

24. Longevity, NAD+ and Cell Survival

25. Telomere Health

26. Alcohol

27. Coffee

28. Dairy Milk & MilkAlternatives

29. Wine

The path is now in your hands. 

It's a common dilemma that many of us face: the overwhelming confusion surrounding what foods truly promote our well-being. As someone who dedicated years to studying nutrition, I thought I had all the answers. However, the shocking truth is that following conventional wisdom led me down a treacherous path of weight gain, eating disorders, and even debilitating diseases, including cancer.

Startlingly, this fate awaits over half of the population. Even individuals like myself, armed with a university degree in nutrition at the time, and post-graduate studies in immunology, find ourselves clueless about the optimal dietary choices for vibrant health.

But fret not, for I have embarked on an enlightening journey of research and discovery, and now I'm here to share the transformative knowledge with you.


A Healthy Diet Is The Basis To Living Life To Your Fullest Potential!

With a career spanning 28 years in the health field, Dr. Galit Goldfarb B.Sc, M.Sc, Ph.D. is a highly respected clinical nutritionist, distinguished medical scientist, and a renowned multiple award-winning author.

Driven by her personal journey of battling weight issues, addictions, cancer, and caring for her daughters, two of whom face epilepsy and mental disability while another grapples with ADHD, Galit embarked on a mission to unravel the mysteries of the ideal diet for humans. Her relentless pursuit led her to conduct groundbreaking research, which laid the foundation for her doctoral thesis and culminated in the creation of her celebrated International Bestselling book, "The Guerrilla Diet & Lifestyle Program."

Galit's unwavering dedication to promoting optimal health caught the attention of the world. She was honored with an invitation to deliver a captivating TEDx talk on the transformative power of the "Ideal Diet For Humans." To date, her enlightening presentation has touched the lives of over 4 million individuals worldwide.

Galit proudly holds Professional Memberships with esteemed organizations such as the American Nutrition Association and the American Society for Nutrition. Her impressive academic background includes a B.Sc (honors) in Biochemistry and Nutrition, an M.Sc in Medical Science with Distinction, a Ph.D. in Nutrition, and advanced studies in Immunology. Galit's unwavering commitment to holistic well-being is further highlighted by her acquisition of numerous diplomas in alternative medicine.

Galit's remarkable expertise and compassionate approach have empowered countless individuals to reclaim their health, vitality, and joy. Her pioneering work continues to shape lives, inspiring a global movement towards a truly nourishing lifestyle.

I am always asked “Is there really one ideal diet for all humans?

The answer is both Yes and No. All humans share basic nutritional needs as we are all one species. We may seem very different because we often focus on our differences. But when we look objectively, we see that we are all practically the same. We have the exact dietary and emotional needs when we are healthy. However, extra support will be needed if there is a lack of foundation for health.

I know that dietary change is not easy to make; therefore, understanding should come before you can make any change. 

When you understand why you are making a specific change, you are more likely to take it on as yours readily, quickly, and easily.

In a world where we have lost touch with our innate wisdom of nourishing our bodies, "The Ideal Diet For Humans" emerges as a beacon of knowledge, guiding us back to what is truly good and right for our species. This extraordinary book holds the key to living a long, vibrant, and robust life.

The Ideal Diet For Humans Book - Digital Version

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The Ideal Diet For Humans — A Simple Book About Human Nutritional Needs

The Ideal Diet For Humans Book - Digital Version

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Dr. Galit Goldfarb

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