Reflections During The Holiday Season

The holiday season is a fun time to enjoy with family, to go shopping, a creative time for decorating, and cooking/baking. But it is also a time of reflection.

It is a time to reflect on how well we did during the past year:

Have we moved closer to the life of our dreams? 

Have we influenced more lives, 

Have we become better people and citizens of society? 

We should consider each of these questions before we move on to the next year so that our time on Earth will not be wasted and will be used most effectively. 

We each have a certain amount of time during this lifetime to use our gifts and help make this world a better, more beautiful place to live in. 

We each have unique gifts that we were given at birth, and we have to work on the skills that we are good at so that we can present the world with our ideal self and help move the world forward.

I know that it is so easy to get distracted with all of the chores and responsibilities we have. But then we notice that five years have passed and we are still fighting the same wars; we still have the same amount of money in our bank accounts (more or less). We are still living with poor health that may even be declining.

This is why, at minimum, yearly reflection is a must.

Now, I am not suggesting that living a simple life is at all something negative. It is a choice that we should make consciously. 

Knowing thyself is something that every human being should work towards. Everyone should work to learn and discover themselves. This means learning what moves you, what makes you satisfied, what are your passions?

We are complex beings, with behaviors embedded in us from a very young age. We CAN change, and we CAN choose the best for us, but for this to happen, we must know what is really best for us.

The questions we can ask for self-realization can be:

  • Do we want to be influencers? 
  • Do we want to provide service and value to others? 
  • Do we want to be useful
  • Do we want to live simply without too much turbulence? 
  • Do we like to work with people?
  • Are we loners who work best by ourselves?

Every choice we make has a price tag, and we should acquaint ourselves with the price tag for fulfilling our dreams. 

Other people have probably fulfilled dreams similar to your own. Learn who did they have to become and what did they have to give up to get there. 

Once you learn what the price that you will have to pay to achieve your goals and desires, ask yourself honestly whether you are willing to pay it.

For entrepreneurship, the price tag involves long work hours, full dedication, giving up on almost all other endeavors, including sleep and joys of life, especially in the beginning. This lifestyle requires much risk-taking and effort, but the benefits are enormous, especially financially and impact-wise. 

On the other hand, playing small also has a price tag of less financial freedom, less influence, and less feelings of progress.

But this type of lifestyle can give you more freedom, especially if you learn to live simply. You will have much less stress and higher feelings of control over your life.

Everything in life is a choice. Which choice will make YOU happier? Which choices will bring you closer to your truth?

By learning about yourself, by knowing yourself, and connecting to your truth, you will have all of the answers you seek. 

I would love to know which lifestyle will make you happier. Please let me know in the comments below. 

If you choose the entrepreneurial lifestyle as your dream way of life, then next week, after most New Years’ resolutions have failed, I will let you in on the perfect method to keep yourself focused and on track moving towards your goals and dreams.

Final words:

Now because I am a health writer, I must mention that taking care of your health is equally essential for any lifestyle you choose. This is the foundation for life, no matter which path of life you want. 

Eating healthy and keeping active must be a part of any lifestyle you choose for you to gain the benefits each lifestyle has to offer. 

We are given one body to carry our soul through this life, so we should show it the respect, care, and love it deserves.

To make the most of the New Year, I recommend reading my Guerrilla Diet book series where you have a full explanation of the ideal diet for humans, along with a 30-day health and weight loss plan with recipes. All for $18.97

Now, if you already own the series, good for you! You know the secrets to a healthy lifestyle and are probably feeling better than ever! If you would like some personal help, then please send me your recent blood test results, and I will provide you with a personal health plan prepared just for you at a special price of under $50! What could be better?!

In the meanwhile, I wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season with many blessing and much reflection, for a happier, healthier New Year.


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