Simple Step-By-Step Guide To Finding Your Goals In Life

What are your Goals in life that you want to live up to?

Have you thought about this?

“If what you are doing is not moving you towards your goals, then it’s moving you away from your goals”

– Brian Tracy

This blog will help you pave the path to living life to your fullest:

Complete the few short questions below to help you come up with your own true answers about your goals in life from your true inner being.

But before you find your goals for life, you must first get to know your ideals for life and where you truly want to be, after knowing these answers you can find your goals in life and follow them persistently until you reach your ideal life.

Now let’s get to know yourself better. I am sure that you do know yourself, but sometimes we may forget what we really want from life. Sometimes we are so overwhelmed with responsibilities and so overwhelmed with decisions and problems that we forget our responsibility to ourselves. The responsibility to yourself is to live life to the fullest, to enjoy life and to follow your true wishes meaning that you should first find out what makes you happy.

Do this short exercise now that always works for me. It will bring out secrets that you have within you that sometimes you may not be consciously aware of. I call this exercise “The exercise of truth.” In this section, we will use the exercise of truth to find out what it means for you to live life to the fullest. This exercise will surely help you acknowledge your goals for life.

Get a pen and paper or a word processor. Find a quiet place where you can complete the exercise (which will take approximately 25 minutes) without being disturbed by anyone.

Ready to begin the exercise of truth?

Answer the following questions as fast as you can, do not fix any spelling or grammar mistakes while you are answering the questions, this is not important. Just let your truth flow out of you.

Answer each of the next questions in 30 seconds each. Write down the first thing that enters your mind, without thinking. Just go with the flow.

What does your ideal relationship look like?

What are the five most prominent characteristics of your ideal partner?

Take a few minutes break and continue

Answer the next questions as fast as you can with the first thing that enters your mind:

In your ideal life:

Where do you live?

What car do you own?

What type of house do you live in?

Take a break for a few minutes and continue to answer the next questions, take 30 seconds maximum to answer each question:

What is your ideal job?

Where do you work?

How much income do you need to be happy?

Ideally, How do you want to achieve this income?

Take a short break and continue?

Answer the first thing that enters your mind:

What is your ideal weight?

When do you feel healthy?

What do you need to do with your body to know that you are healthy?

Take a short break and answer the next questions in 30 seconds:

What will make you feel fulfilled?

Do you want children? How many?

What do you like to do for others?

How do you see yourself serving others?

Take a short break and answer the following question in one minute:

How would you behave in your ideal life?

Take a short break and answer the next question in 3 minutes:

How does your ideal life look like? Describe the picture to me.

Now you have your answer to what living life to the fullest means to you. Now all you need to do is to get there. In my book and my online course, I will teach you techniques and skills to help you reach your ideal you. When you reach this goal, you will reach happiness.

Things may change in the way, and you may find that certain things that interest you today may not interest you tomorrow, but take the list that you have written above as your golden standard for today and I will teach you how to reach your golden standard of yourself by using tried and tested techniques that I have personally used to completely change my own personal life.

And if I did it, anyone can!

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