Eye opening

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Galit had an absolutely amazing impact on my diet and my life. Being diagnosed with testicular cancer at the age of 31 was a really tough experience that gave me a completely new perspective on life. I read so much and researched for hours only to find an overwhelming amount of contradictory information that made no sense. One day I found Galit’s TED talk and initially didn’t pay much attention. I was intrigued though and started to look more into it. Because the information made sense I joined the guerrilla diet and I am really happy I did. Not only is the information clear and easy to understand but Galit is very patient and understanding. She had an answer to all my questions and concerns and I truly felt she cares. I am very grateful for all the work she does and inspired to offer the same energy to the world. Thank you Galit!

Bogdan The Guerrilla Diet March 28, 2019