Natural Birth Control Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About.

Permanent birth control is the method of choice for a third of all women worldwide. Families want to plan their life according to their income, their life goals, and their lifestyle. Having children in an environment where they are not wanted is damaging for both sides, the child and their parent/s.

Family planning is also crucial for the environment. It seems to offer a way to keep the reins of control in your own hands. 

The birth control options recommended by your medical doctor may include the contraceptive pill taken daily, contraceptive shots are taken once every three months, a hormone-releasing implant that protects from pregnancy for up to 4 years, or a weekly hormone-releasing patch. More invasive methods include an intrauterine device inserted into the cervix that prevents pregnancy for up to 12 years, or irreversible surgical sterilization such as tubal ligation or device sterilization that are hormone-free, or a complete hysterectomy.

The hormonal methods stop ovulation, the release of an egg during the fertile period of a female, and causes the thickening of the cervical mucus, making it difficult for the egg and sperm to meet. Hormonal methods are between 99 and 99.6% effective in preventing pregnancy. 

The hormonal methods have their pros in reducing the risk of endometrial, ovarian, and colorectal cancers. These pills are also used to manage medical conditions such as acne, prolonged and painful periods, endometriosis, and menopause symptoms. 

However, these pills also have their cons. They may increase the risk of breast and cervical cancer and increase the risk of developing a blood clot, increasing a person’s risk of a stroke and heart attack. People who smoke may be especially at risk for developing blood clots when using birth control pills.

Voluntary sterilization methods also have their pros and cons.

The pros include immediate effectiveness and the convenience of a one-time operation, often without side effects, and reducing overall costs. 

The cons include the complexity and risks inherent in any surgical procedure and its indisputable finality. Although these permanent birth control methods are not fatal, there is a higher incidence of morbidity following hysterectomies, which must be justified.

So how do you know which method is best for you and your lifestyle?

It is important to note that you may not get unbiased advice if you go to your doctor for recommendations. There are financial incentives that doctors get for recommending different methods of birth control to their patients.

Financial incentives are often the reason doctors do not offer alternative methods. Doctors don’t get money for recommending alternative methods and treatments for birth control, or they may not be acquainted with these very effective methods.

Firstly, we should understand that ovulation is a sign of a woman’s health, implying adequate hormonal and fertility functions. The health of menstruation is essential for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of different disease states related to hormonal disorders, gynecological abnormalities, autoimmune, genetic disorders, cancer, and pregnancy-related issues.

Although we can intervene with these natural processes through innovation, the question is whether we really want to interrupt these processes in unnatural ways?

For our health, the answer to this is no; we do not. 

There is no reason to harm your health and reduce your well-being for contraceptive measures because there are alternative methods.

It is good to know that there are only six days during every cycle when a woman can get pregnant. 

Since the woman ovulates only once during each cycle, the egg can be fertilized for a maximum of 18 hours.

After having sexual intercourse, the male sperm will remain active and fertile in the female body for a maximum of five days.

  • To summarize, this means that there are only six days in every cycle when a woman can get pregnant: five days before ovulation and on the day she ovulates.

Therefore, I do not see a reason to have body parts removed, or produce inflammation in the body or take daily hormonal therapy and suffer the consequences of these methods for six days of possible pregnancy. All that needs to be identified are when these days occur to prevent pregnancy. 

I found a specific device that I stumbled upon many years ago when searching for a natural solution. I found it highly effective, easy to use, and with absolutely no side effects as it is hormone-free and non-invasive and leaves the family planning in your own hands. There is also no environmental impact by artificial hormones, and no depression, , no loss of fertility in case you change your mind, and it won’t affect your weight. What could be better?

I want to recommend this device to you personally. I have used it for over a decade. I can safely say that there is nothing better on the market to prevent unwanted pregnancy. It is cheap in the long run, and it is natural and very effective. Nothing could be more suitable. 

It is a small computer that takes about three months to learn your body through a self-learning algorithm. All you have to do is measure your morning basal body temperature immediately after waking up for 30 seconds, while you are still in bed and lying down, with the small handy computer. After one-two months of the learning phase, the computer will tell you when you need to have protected sex because you are fertile or when you can have unprotected sex because you are infertile. 

This computer also helped me to detect when I had cancer because my body temperature was going in disarray. It also helped me detect when I had corona due to slight temperature shifts. This led me to get tested fast and thereby prevented further people from getting the virus from me even though I was mostly asymptomatic.

After taking your temperature immediately upon waking up and while still in bed lying down for one month, the behavior becomes ingrained in you, and you never forget to do it again. 

Now I must warn that if you were taking contraceptives before using this device, it takes the body a few months to return to normal, so I would not start to use the device until two months after stopping contraception. The same goes for an intrauterine device. You must remove it as it causes ongoing inflammation that raises body temperature. 

It is important to note that any state of inflammation in the body can lead to false fertile days.

Although this device costs $500, it is a one-off price with no more costs. It has side effects on your health, and no ongoing costs, so it is so well worth it. 

I must state that I have absolutely no benefit or profit for recommending this device except for the benefit of helping other people as a result of using this device.

The device I can recommend is called Lady-Comp, it is a German product and you can check it out here on Amazon: or on the Lady-Comp Website here

There may be other companies producing devices that are based on the same principle however I have no personal experience with them so I cannot recommend them.


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