The Complete Formula For Health And Weight Loss:

Being HEALTHY means three things:

a) ENERGY: Having the energy to do the things that make you happy

b) FEELING GOOD: Feeling healthy, in a good mood, feeling good about life and yourself

c) LOOKING GOOD: Being at the right weight for you, with a clear complexion and a fit body.

Health, when put this way, is easy to understand… but not so easy to fulfill.

But don’t worry! I have a brilliant little formula that will help your journey to HEALTH faster and more enjoyable.


In this formula, H stands for HEALTH.

Unfortunately, most people have too narrow a definition of this word. Often they equate HEALTH with good looks or a slim body. But as I just said, my definition of HEALTH has three components:  Abundant Energy.  Feeling Good.  Looking Good.

So… how do you increase the three elements and consequently your overall Health?   Let’s look at the other letters.

The RK in the formula represents the Right Knowledge. The more you understand which foods are good for you, and which attitude will get you there, the better you will know how to create the health you desire.

RA in the formula represents the Right Actions. Once you take the right actions most of the time, you will naturally create the health and achieve the weight loss you desire.


Notice that nowhere in this equation does amount come in. It never has to do with amount!

Now, here’s the GOLD!

“Your potential to create HEALTH is a factor of the RIGHT KNOWLEDGE you have, X the RIGHT ACTION you take!”

Let’s apply this formula in a practical way, so you can get a very deep comprehension of how to use it in your life.

Most ‘heath’ or ‘dietary’ plans have an inherent riddle; either you can follow strict rules, or you need a lot of willpower.

In other words, as the number of rules you need to follow goes up – it is often harder to follow the plan.  If you try to do it without following strict guidelines, then your will power is the one that will make or break the diet. Does that make sense?

This seems to be the central dilemma.

The goal I want for you – and what we’ll discuss for the remainder of this blog post – is how YOU can lose weight and achieve good health but not by following rules or needing excessive willpower.

To figure out how to do this (lose weight and achieve good health without strict rules or requiring extreme willpower). Let’s look at some very common ways of facilitating weight loss and achieving health.  We’ll apply our new FORMULA for HEALTH to each example and see how they stack up.

EXAMPLE #1 – “1-on-1 Sessions”

Meeting up with a nutritionist who works with you individually, will help you find the best path for you to lose weight.

The nutritionist will take notes and write out a specific plan for you to follow tailored for your specific needs at the moment.

This is how I got my started in the business as a personal Nutritionist.

I worked with my clients individually, helping them take the right actions for losing weight and achieving health.

But by looking at our formula, the RIGHT ACTION suggested by the nutritionist in the sessions if done properly by the client is very high – but there is a severe cap on the RIGHT KNOWLEDGE.



I helped my clients make a major transformation during the sessions for sure, but the change was temporary.  You can only follow a set of rules for so long if you don’t understand why you are doing something, after all!  So again, even though the Right Action was high, the Right Knowledge remained low… and therefore, HEALTH was also low in the long run.

To help others improve their health, I decided to up the Right Knowledge!  I started to Write articles and a website…

EXAMPLE #2: The Internet

This is extremely common for those of us looking to improve our health and lose weight to look for information on the internet.

The knowledge you get on the internet can be very, very high!

Unfortunately though, due to the low level of integration between learning what needs to be done and understanding which information was given is actually based on sound evidence and understanding which actions need to be taken and at what stage, most people do not succeed in achieving weight loss and the health they desire.

Low RIGHT ACTION x High KNOWLEDGE (Although not always Right Knowledge)

1:1 Sessions produce high Right Action in the short term, but low Right Knowledge…The internet has high Knowledge, although not always right knowledge, low Action.  Both amount to a low potential for creating HEALTH!

So, what do you do?

Here’s my best recommendation…

EXAMPLE #3: Workshops, Courses, or Reading the Right Books

If you’re serious about losing weight and creating True Health for yourself, you must…Understand what you should be eating and why, and learn what are the right actions to take, and then follow through with them!

In The Guerrilla Diet & Lifestyle Program, you get the right knowledge based on up to date well based scientific research, as well as getting the right plans to take action so that you will create new and positive habits for yourself

The Guerrilla Diet & Lifestyle Program is found as a book, an online boot camp, and we also lead workshops for as few as 6-8 people at a time… and others for as many as 200 people at a time.

The Knowledge you gain through either source will keep you on track to always choosing right foods for yourself to support weight loss and health and you will understand which actions are the right ones to take!

The Guerrilla/Gorilla Diet book, online course with personal group mentoring calls and Live Workshops are truly the SWEET SPOT where both the Right Knowledge and the Right Action are kept as high as possible!

In the workshops, and online training program you will get tons of personal attention, lots of coaching and mentoring, and ample Question & Answer periods

In The Guerrilla Diet book, you will get all of the unbiased, evidence-based knowledge with all of the scientific references as well as precise action plans to take).

When RIGHT KNOWLEDGE and RIGHT ACTIONS are high, so is your capacity to lose weight easily and to create lasting HEALTH!

By joining The Guerrilla Diet & Lifestyle Program workshops, courses or by reading the book, you have the highest potential for achieving your desires!   Yee haw!!!

H = RK x RA

Whether you’re on a weight loss program already… or you’re just looking to get started… the first issue you’ll face is, “How do I lose weight and start feeling good about my looks & my health?”

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