Who Needs Dietary Supplements?


By Galit Goldfarb (GiGi)

Who needs nutritional supplements?

The answer to this question depends on your diet, lifestyle, and the place where you live and buy your food.

Dietary supplements are not supposed to fulfill our needs for macronutrients including protein, fats or carbohydrates. In this day and age, those of us living in the western world are not in need of these macronutrients. It is the micronutrients that we are most often lacking, and this can be due to our diet, lifestyle and the location where we live and how foods are grown in our area.

Micronutrients are the vitamins and minerals that our bodies need to function properly. Without certain nutrients, or excess of some, our bodies will develop numerous disorders.

In our world today, soils tend to be overused by farmers trying to make a profitable living, and minerals are most often not returned into the soil when new crops are grown. Fertilizers replete the soil with only some nutrients but expose it to other harmful components at the same time. This creates fruit and vegetables which may be depleted of certain nutrients and covered with sometimes harmful fertilizer byproducts.

If you eat meat, cattle raised in certain areas is grown on grains, whereas nature intended them to roam the fields and feed on grass. Chickens, in most of the modern world, are raised in cages or very crowded living conditions and are not free to range and feed on foods that they were meant to feed on. Animals nowadays are given growth hormones to help them grow quickly to provide as much profit as possible for their farmers. These animals are also given antibiotics on a regular basis to prevent diseases from spreading throughout their cramped cages.

These additives the animals receive, stay in their bodies also when they arrive on our tables as part of our meal. Antibiotics lead to antibiotic resistance in humans, and the hormones the animal receives leads to disruption in the functioning of our glands. These additives lead to ill health and human nutritional deficiencies.

Eating processed “white” bread, “white” rice or any “white” grains, that do not include all parts of the grain, also lead to deficiencies because the food when it is whole comes with the nutrients we need to metabolize it already in it. Processed foods are deficient in all of the necessary nutrients we need in a view to break the food down and utilize it. Those of us feeding on a diet rich in simple carbohydrates, such as white flours and sugars, and a diet with high quantities of meat will have nutritional deficiencies. The body will need help with digesting and utilizing these foods in the form of digestive enzymes and probiotics.

Vegetarians are also prone to nutrient deficiencies mainly because of the milk products they are consuming. Dairy products lead the body to deficiencies in magnesium and phosphorus and may also cause anemia due to internal bleeding of the gut lining.

A vegan diet based on whole foods is the diet that suits our bodies best, and if we support it properly with nutritional supplements, we can achieve optimum health.

Supplementation of a vegan diet mainly includes superfood dietary supplements. See my nutritional supplement review page here for all of my review and recommendations.

I have been vegetarian and vegan for many years except for three years during the pregnancy and birth of my third child. I found it always difficult to maintain a purely vegan lifestyle until I learned how to do it properly. See my breakfastlunchdinner and snack recommendations. Once I began eating properly and cooking vegan foods with ease as well as supplementing my diet with superfood nutritional supplements, I have achieved optimum health and have managed to maintain this level of health for years now. I have overcome cancer, through changes in my diet and becoming all vegan.

I know that superfood nutritional supplements and proper nutrition are the keys to maintaining optimum health in this day and age. Read my article about superfoods HERE to get a more in-depth look at what these foods can do for your health.

To Your Health!

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