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Nutrition Certification Program - Final Words

Final words before you begin to ensure your success as a nutrition specialist.



You have successfully completed your duties for this program and can now use the title “Certified Nutrition Specialist."

Remeber that this title comes with a lot of responsibility.

It is important to go back to these lessons and refresh your memory from time to time.

Always hold your clients needs first.

Remember that eating behaviors that were acquired over a lifetime require changes that last a lifetime. This means forming new habits, which we all know are not easy.

It is your job to portray the positive benefits and how these outweigh all barriers to making and maintaining the change. But they must see this for themselves. They must follow the new behavior once and then continue to follow it persistently.

The changes in good health will be quicker to come than most anticipate. The blood test results also change fairly quickly if the new habits are followed through.

Ddietary advice is far easier to give than to get and adopt, but if others can do succeed with the changes and have a positive impact on their health, then so can your clients! 

It is more than worthwhile!

In some cases the client will immediately understand the importance, and make the changes fast. Sometimes these radical changes will cause headaches, and extreme tiredness, especially if salt or caffeine are lowered or stopped quickly. These changes should be done gradually, unless very urgent.

Bloating is also common for people not used to eating so much fiber. This can be helped with probiotic supplements daily for up to one month, and also, if really extreme, then digestive enzymes for two weeks. This will help your clients be happy to make the changes. 

Follow up on your clients. See how they are managing.

I allow my clients to have open access to me via email or WhatsApp. You decide what works best for you.

I am wishing you much luck and we support you in being a guide to living healthily, energetically and sustainably. Amen!