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  • 50 Best Recipes For Health And Weight Loss: The Guerrilla Diet Way

You will get a Precise Day-To-Day Plan To Start Losing Weight Along With Recipes Built Into The Program To Give You All You Need To Succeed On The Guerrilla Diet & Lifestyle Program - The Ideal Diet For Humans!

50 Best Recipes For Health And Weight Loss: The Guerrilla Diet Way

Galit Goldfarb loves healthy food and knows how to cook it. 50 Best Recipes For Health And Weight Loss is based on Galit’s belief that any cook has the responsibility for the health of those who will consume the food and is the result of clients, friends and family's endless requests of how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The ingredients in this book are all vegan and based on the research found in The Guerrilla Diet - the healthiest diet for human consumption. The foods will ensure you feel full while tasting good and being nutritious.

Structured around The Guerrilla Diet 30 day weight loss program, this is a book you will be using time and again to feed both yours and your children’s appetite for nutrients

Best Way To Lose Weight: A Step By Step Guide To Lose Weight In a Month: The Guerrilla Diet Way

Lose Weight In a Month the Guerrilla Diet Way holds the recipe for success to your health and weight loss attempts. Following the nutritional guidelines of the Guerrilla Diet - The healthiest diet for human consumption, along with supplement recommendations that help you to lose weight and fulfil your body’s nutritional needs, and a simple to adhere to exercise program, it is the best way to change your lifestyle habits for the best and achieve natural, in tune with nature optimal health and weight loss.

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