How To Overcome Addictions With The Help Of Your Diet:


Eating healthy during recovery from any addiction is an important strategy to help you stick to the often very challenging and frustrating weaning process.

Addiction of any sort is best fought if you are fit physically, mentally and emotionally, all of which your diet has a significant influence on.

Whether you have decided to take control over your addiction or a family member is in need of support, here are 6 Tips to Overcome Addictions With The Help Of Your Diet and help you or your loved ones get started on this life-changing journey.

Eating a balanced diet is important during recovery. Your body requires nutrients to get back in shape and to ensure you are calm and focused on your goal. Hence I recommend your meals contain as many nutrients as possible:



Proteins contain amino acids required to repair damaged tissues and help the growth of new tissues thus you should increase your protein intake. This is a necessity for recovering addicts of any sort including recovering from eating disorders, smoking and even from food cravings. All addictions potentially damage vital body tissues and brain tissue as well. By increasing your intake of protein, you will be supporting new tissue growth. However, not all proteins are created equal, and some proteins also have damaging effects on our body. Therefore, I recommend ensuring adequate intake of vegetable proteins which are more than sufficient to help tissue growth but do not have a tendency to pollute the body. Plant protein sources include beans, lentils, nuts, seeds and whole grains.


omega 3 fatty acid sources

Whole flaxseeds chia seeds and hemp seeds

Yes, you read right. Eating healthy fats during addiction recovery is a critical key to the recovery process. It is common to feel constantly hungry during addiction recovery as your body is making many adjustments. Fats have the highest energy intake per gram and also are the most slowly digested macronutrients; hence fats can help you stay full for longer and help you to avoid overeating. But which fats are healthy? Nuts, seeds and whole grains all contain healthy fats. Flaxseeds, chia seeds, and walnuts are very rich in omega 3 ALA fatty acids which are the healthiest types of omega three fatty acids for humans. I also recommend buying a simple coffee bean grinder and daily grinding some flax seeds and adding them to your foods. You could add them to thicken soups or add them to any rice dish without changing the flavor too much.

Another fat rich food I recommend are avocados which contain fats that help repair cell membranes.

Increasing plant-based fats in your diet during the addiction weaning period can also contribute to stabilizing your mood during recovery which is imperative for your success rate.


pic healthy vegetables

During addiction recovery, eat more vegetables either raw or slightly cooked. Vegetables are very rich in vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients that your body requires for full recovery. The abundance of nutrients in vegetables allows our cells to function and communicate at their best. This all leads to a healthy cellular environment, which is the foundation for healthy cells. Phytonutrients help the body in detoxification of foreign substances, critical  following addictions, they contribute to strengthening the immune system and keep the body fit and able to overcome the cravings during the addiction weaning period, and the best part is that you can eat as much as you like without adding too much energy in the form of calories to your diet. I especially recommend munching throughout the day on celery, pepper or carrot sticks.


Like vegetables, fruits help your recovery process by supplying your body with an abundance of nutrients including fiber, natural sugars, vitamins, minerals and a wealth of antioxidants ensuring your body will have all of the necessary nutrition to help remove the pollution caused by addictions and help tissues recover more quickly.

Drink plenty of water


The last thing you need during recovery is a dehydrated body which is it common for a recovering addict of any kind. Increase water intake to keep your body well hydrated. Water can help improve your mood particularly when feeling depressed, stressed or anxious which are common during the recovery period. Thus, drink at least eight glasses of water or even more if you are exercising. Complement water intake with natural detoxifying herbal teas that contain any of the following: aniseed, fennel seed, cardamom, licorice root, coriander seeds.

Avoid alcohol of any sort during the recovery period since it can lead to yet a new addiction or even relapse.

Water hydrates the body helps repair damaged tissues and also helps you to avoid overeating, common among during addiction recovery.

Eat regularly

girl eating apple.jpg

Never skip meals during recovery! Skipping meals can cause you severe cravings which can lead to relapse or addiction to something new. Aim to take three/ four meals daily and don’t hesitate to snack on fruits, nuts or vegetables in between meals.

Breakfast has utmost importance, and you should ensure you eat it daily. Make sure that your breakfast contains carbohydrates, fats, and fiber. I recommend eating a whole grain, bread with a nut spread or an oatmeal porridge with chia and flaxseeds. Really anything that can give you an energetic boost for the rest of the day. Regarding caffeine, I would suggest avoiding it during addiction recovery or, if you feel that you really need it, consume sparingly.

Overcoming addictions is not easy, but by supporting your efforts with a healthy diet, you will ensure that you are on the right path to creating a better, more fulfilling life for yourself.

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