Sweetened Drinks and Their Hidden Effects On Metabolism

You may not want to drink sweetened drinks, especially not with a protein rich meal if you’re interested in health or weight loss!

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Today I will talk about the new research findings on the connection between sweetened drinks and metabolism.

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A recent study shows that drinking a sugar-sweetened drinks with a meal significantly reduces the burning of fat and diet-induced heat production.

And when drinking the sugar-sweetened drink with a protein-rich meal, this further decreased fat use and diet-induced thermogenesis by more than 40%!

Additionally, the researchers found that, over the course of a day, the body only expended 80 of the 120 kcals that were provided by the sugar-sweetened drink, creating a 40-kcal excess of calories that were not burned.

These results show the impact of consuming a sugar-sweetened drink on energy balance and the burning of fat.

The body’s efficiency of the body to burn energy is reduced after drinking a sugar-sweetened beverage leading to a greater tendency to make and store fat.

This further proves what we already know, that sugar-sweetened drinks are an important factor in the causation of obesity.


So I hope that makes you think twice about drinking a sweetened beverage, you’ll never burn the energy fully and you’ll be gaining weight every time

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