5 Ultimate Food Supplements That Promote Health and Well Being

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elayYou’ve found the Ultimate List of Food Supplements To Promote Health and Well Being.

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As a nutritionist and biochemist, I do not recommend taking separate vitamins and minerals in supplement form unless you suffer from a very particular problem that requires supplementation with a very specific nutrient.

Overall I am a fan of balance and balance cannot be achieved by supplementing with single nutrients.

However, I also do not support taking “multivitamin” supplements where minerals and vitamins are combined into one tablet. There are nutrients that should not be taken together in supplements form because they delay each other’s absorption, for example, iron and manganese, selenium and zinc, iron and zinc, selenium and vitamin C, etc., to name just a few. Therefore I do not recommend supplementation with “multivitamins.”

Should we supplement our diets? See my blog post here on this subject.

If you decide to supplement your diet, how should you do it?

My recommendation is to supplement with foods, especially “super-foods,” which are very foods rich in nutrients and enzymes that promote health. This is all I recommend for people eating a varied diet.  Some vegans may need B12, but if they consistently take specific super foods which I will recommend in a moment, even they will not require supplementation with B12 on a regular basis.

During times when the body has increased needs, for example during pregnancy, lactation period, menstruation or during an infection, we can add certain minerals for support, but on a regular basis supplementing with superfoods is enough to promote health on a daily basis.

Superfoods are called super because they are exceptionally rich in nutrients.

Here is a short list of Ultimate Food Supplements To Promote Health and Well Being:


spirulinaspirulina tablets

A Cyanobacteria (a plant like an organism found in fresh lakes and salt water, also known as a type of Blue-Green algae) with a very rich protein and nutrient content. Spirulina was also an ancient food source for the Aztecs. It is still controversial if the B12 content of spirulina may be utilized by humans, although through my personal experience it is a biologically active source for people. I take spirulina on an almost daily basis, and so do all of my children. However, there are some contradictions for consuming spirulina; it should not be consumed by people with PKU (because it contains phenylalanine), and also should be avoided by individuals on anticoagulant medication (because of its rich vitamin K content).

Spirulina is an amazing superfood also taken by astronauts during long-term space travel, and it has been well researched for its benefits with malnourished children (Simpmore J et al, 2005), as well as people suffering from allergies (Cingi et al, 2008), as a supplement for the elderly (Park H et al, 2008) and for improving hypertension (Tores-Duran et al, 2007)

I take Nutrex Hawaii Pure Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica; you can buy it at my online shop HERE.


chia seeds

Chia seeds come from a flowering plant of the mint family. The seeds are extremely rich in omega three fatty acids and have the perfect balance between omega 3, 6, and nine fatty acids. Chia seeds also have high protein levels and contain a high amount of dietary fiber levels. Chia seeds also have an incredible amount of calcium, like flax and sesame seeds. To extract the maximum from this superfood, I recommend milling it and adding it to your foods, it has no flavor and can be added easily to any dish. This superfood need not be taken as a supplement and can and should be consumed as food.

Barley and Wheatgrass 

barley grass

Barley and Wheat Grass are young grasses at the early stage of growth, and therefore they have an entirely different composition to the grown wheat or barley which are considered grains rather than their young versions which are more similar to vegetables in their makeup. As these grasses grow, they change composition from being rich in chlorophyll and minerals, to rich in cellulose ( fiber). At their young grass phase, they have very high levels of antioxidants which have been proven to help the body remove cancerous cells. They are also rich in digestive enzymes which help us the breakdown and digest foods more readily allowing the foods’ nutrients to become more available for the bodies’  needs.

I take barley grass daily as part of my diet. It can be found in tablet form which I find very useful when on a busy schedule. I buy Green Magma by Green foods. You can buy it at my online shop HERE.



Probiotics are microorganisms that help us maintain a healthy balance between healthy microbes and harmful ones within our intestinal flora. Probiotics also synthesize vitamins, including B12, and have been proven to help us overcome the effects of stress.

They have also been shown to have health benefits for controlling allergies (Elazab et al. 2013), treating diarrhoea (Allen et al, 2010), increasing overall health (Tubelius et al, 2005) including gum health (Krasse et al, 2006, Vivekananda et al, 2010) and overall immune health (Reid et al, 2003). There are so many studies which prove the benefits of probiotics on our health.

When you are feeling overtired, stressed out, bloated, have constipation or diarrhea, or after taking a course of antibiotics, I honestly recommend taking probiotic supplements with multiple probiotic strains. They are also important for babies and have now been added to most baby formulas.

I recommend taking a probiotic supplement with 50 billion live cultures and ten beneficial probiotic strains at times of increased stress, significant life changes, during constipation, when you are not getting sufficient sleep or after taking antibiotics. I have had great results using them with myself, and my clients. You can buy them at my online shop HERE.


pic (Moringa_oleifera)_leaves_with_flowers_at_Kolkata_W_IMG_2125

Moringa Oleifera also referred to as the drumstick tree (due to the appearance of its seed-pods), is one of those traditional plants that have been eaten and used as herbal remedies long before Western science recognized them. The most nutritious part of the plant, the leaves, can be eaten raw, cooked or even powdered and added to sauces and soups. The leaves can also be taken in capsule form. They are rich in vitamins B, C, beta-carotene and minerals calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, and protein. Due to insufficient research, it is currently not recommended during pregnancy.

Moringa leaves contain several thousand times more of the powerful anti-ageing nutrient zeatin, which has anti-aging properties on human skin fibroblasts (Rattan, S.I. and Sodagam, L. 2005) more than any other known plant. Moringa leaves are also known to help prevent cancer by killing cancer cells and stopping tumor growth due to unique antioxidant (Sreelatha S, Padma PR. 2009), anti-inflammatory (Ndiaye M, Dieye AM, Mariko F, Tall A, Sall Diallo A, Faye B. 2002) and anti-cancer compounds (Khalafalla, Mutasim M. et al. 2010).

Studies on rats showed that Moringa leaves could reduce blood sugar levels within 3 hours of consuming the leaves and also protect the liver (Das N, Sikder K, Ghosh S, Fromenty B, Dey S. 2012). Due to this, Moringa also helps control appetite!

I take Moringa capsules 2-3 times a week.

All of these super-foods can be consumed as food incorporated in the diet, or as a supplement. If you prefer to complement your diet with superfoods in the form of supplements, feel free to browse through my health promoting online products HERE.

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