A Powerful 5 Step Strategy To Stop Yourself Before A Binge

A powerful 5 step strategy to stop yourself before a binge – useful for any addiction

I have been teaching people my three step strategy for stop yourself before a binge a lot and know from my personal experience and my clients’ experience that it really does work. I actually recommend trying this strategy the next time you feel you are about to give in to a binge or eat something you know you will regret.

Step #1 Drink a glass of water. Now I’m sure you may have heard that drinking a glass of water may make you feel full or relieve you from feelings of hunger, but cravings do not necessarily come when you are really feeling hungry, and drinking water won’t really make you feel full for long, so why am I recommending drinking a glass of water?.. The reason I am suggesting that you drink a glass of water comes from the fact that the element of water puts out the fire. And when I refer to fire I am referring to the passionate feelings of craving something or intense feelings of anxiety and stress. These feelings are full of passion, and therefore, they have a strong fire element to them. Water, as we know, puts out the fire. So when you feel like going to the fridge, make a stop at the kitchen sink or water cooler and drink a glass or two of water to help cool down any passion filled food cravings.

Step #2 The next step is to become present in the moment. Usually, when we are stuck in some kind of addictive behavioral pattern, we are actually not living the present moment, we are trapped in default behavioral patterns. Only when we are in the present moment can we stop a behavior that has become our default behavior. Our default actions are the way we automatically behave; they don’t require any thinking on our part. They are automatic. So to disrupt these nonbeneficial default behaviors, we must get ourselves back into the present moment.

So how do you get yourself back to the present moment? I will now reveal a simple but powerful technique that actually works to get you back into the present moment:

When you are right before the addictive nonbeneficial behavior, call your name out loud.

Just call your name and then answer to yourself, “yes, I’m here.” Once you do that, you immediately bring yourself back to the present moment, and once you are present, you can better control your behavior and choose to behave in a different, more positive way or opt to do something else.

I really recommend you try this whenever you notice that you are going in a direction that is not in line with your long-term goal.

Step #3 The third step is done right after the second step, and it involves thinking of your compelling reason for wanting to make this change in the first place, be it a health reason or wanting to look better for someone special, or not wanting to disappoint someone close to you. You should have your compelling reason close at hand and close at mind. If you still don’t know your powerful reason for making a change in your life, you can check out these suggestions. Remind yourself of your powerful “WHY,” think about it and quickly imagine in your mind the result you wish to achieve.

The next two steps are preventative steps:

Step #4 The fourth step is the most important step of all. It is eating! Yes, to ensure you never have another binge again, make sure you are eating enough healthy and nutritious food regularly! Why? Because when your body is nourished, you will not feel the need to eat anything in fiery passion. You may want to eat things, but you won’t have uncontrollable cravings. Furthermore, when you eat enough, you will be more in control of your behavior because feeling fully nourished increases self control.

Step #5 Get enough sleep. When you sleep enough, you will be in more control of your emotions and behaviors and your satiety hormone, leptin, which helps you better control your appetite. When you don’t get enough sleep, you will have less of the hormone  leptin in your body, which makes your brain think you don’t have enough energy stored to maintain your needs, increasing your appetite.

That’s it! A simple yet powerful 5 step strategy to stop yourself before a binge or before any addictive behavior for that matter. I truly recommend you try it.

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